Friday, 8 November 2013

A Rosie Posie

Polish Used -
Base Coat- Butter London - Horse Power Nail Fertilizer
Base Colour - O.P.I. - Cozu-Melted In The Sun
Centre Dots of Flowers - O.P.I. - If You Moust
Flower details - Red - O.P.I. - Colour Of Minnie
                        - White - BYS - Nail Art Lacquer in White
Leaves - Ulta3 - Tahitian Lime
Vase - Nicole by O.P.I. - I'm a Belieber
Dots - White - BYS - Nail Art Lacquer in White
Top Coat - Butter London - P.D. Quick Topcoat

So this was my first try at doing roses. I'm not too keen on the vase now, I think I should have just kept the stems going and add a leaf or two on each stem. They are cute none the less!

I started off painting my base colour then added dots of pink where I wanted the rosies. I then took a teeny paint brush and added in the petals on each flower. Add the tiny leaves, and dab on a vase with a larger brush, top coat then done! VoilĂ !

Until next time,
Weezy xx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Step Out of the Box

Going a bit Contemporary Aztec themed! These are a set of nails I did QUITE a while ago so little old me cannot remember what polishes I used!! Just a little something to jazz up the blog while I get my nail art brushes out, blow off the dust on my dotting tools and set to work on my next miniature art piece!

Until next time,
Weezy xx

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


One of my favourite Instagram nail art accounts is "prettynailsbymal". She has the most amazing ideas but I absolutely fell in love with this idea especially because it included my three favourite colours! :)

Her original nail art.

Above is my rendition of her beautiful nails!

Until next time,
Weezy xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Water Nymph Marbling

Polish Used:
Essie - Natural Nail Strengthener
N.Y.X. Girls - Milano
O.P.I. - No Room For The Blues
China Glaze - Quick Dry Top Coat

For what feels like forever, I have been trying and trying to teach myself how to water marble!! You name it, I have tried it! I have watched countless YouTube videos, read umpteen blog posts, read over many a instagram photo tutorial. I have tried cold water, warm water, tap water, boiled water. I have tried EVERYTHING!!! Until one afternoon, in which it all clicked. It worked!! Hooray!!!! When I find the time (i.e. when I find the 25th hour in the day...) I will do a video showing how I achieved it and made a beautiful hair clip as well!!

Until next time,
Weezy xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Look Ma! I'm a Mermaid!


Swimmin' with the fishes...

Polish Used -
Butter London - Horse Power Nail Fertilizer (Review coming soon!)
O.P.I. - No Room For The Blues
BYS - Through The Looking Glass
Butter London - Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat (Review coming soon!)

Pinterest is the best invention ever! I was inspired by a nail look I found through Pinterest by Whitney from Dressed Up Nails ( [Right down the bottom!]. As I was choosing colours I re-discovered this beautiful Through The Looking Glass glitter polish and was inspired to do a blue version. The finished product just reminds me of mermaids and fishy scales! AND I LOVE GLITTER!!!!

Until next time,
Weezy xo

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Rainbow for NZ

Polish used -
Essie - Natural Nail Strengthener
O.P.I. - Colour of Minnie
Sportsgirl Nail It! - Glamourpuss
Mud - Hello Yellow
Ulta3 - Tahitian Lime
O.P.I. - No Room for the Blues
Sportsgirl Nail It! - Rock Royality
O.P.I. - RapiDry Top Coat

New Zealand has now legalised gay marriage!!!! Hooray!!!! You go NZ!! Now if Aussie land could just follow suit... Thanks a bunch!

Really simple one this time, I just used a sponge to merge the two colours I used on my nails! :)

Also, where have I been? Nowhere, I've just been lazy!!

Until next time,
Weezy xx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

21st Nails

Polish Used -
Essie - Natural Nail Strenthener
BYS - Black Satin
O.P.I. - Rapid Dry Top Coat
Diamantes, half pearls and nail glue.

This time last week I was turning 21! I wanted something cute and classy but also eye catching for weekend celebrations and I came up with this!! I still can't believe how straight I got the line of diamantes!!!

Until next time,
Weezy xx